Dear Town of Superior


We know the importance of IT security.

But even with the best, most sophisticated security tools, our organization isn’t completely safe if we don’t train our employees on proper Internet usage and how to recognize threats and scams.

Most data breaches are accidental. Usually, our employees aren’t aware of threats and how to avoid them. Maybe they believe their actions won’t cause a breach, or they’ve been lulled into believing our network is impenetrable. But that’s not true.

And it can cost us.

A 2011 Ponemon Institute study estimates the average per capita cost of a data breach is $194, with an average organizational cost of $5.5 million. It cites negligent users as one of the major causes of data breaches.

This begs the question: can we assume common sense security practices are enough to keep our company and our data safe?

Even trusted sites can host malicious content. So it’s more important than ever to educate our users. This doesn’t revolve around scare tactics, but the introduction and reinforcement of simple tips to stay out of trouble. With some basic training and reminders, we’ll keep our data safe and keep IT security top-of-mind.

That said, I’d like to engage you in sponsoring the implementation of a new IT security employee training program. It’ll be easy to launch and maintain. We can do it without a lot of hassle, but with plenty of reward in the form of a secure, productive workforce. It’s a free program from Sophos, a leading provider of complete IT security.

I hope I can count on your support and look forward to showing you some sample tools. In the meantime, feel free to preview an online version of the IT security employee handbook now.

Thank you for your time,

Todd Pryor

Town Manager

Town of Superior

P.O. Box 218

199 N. Lobb Ave.

Superior, AZ 85173

(520) 689 - 5752