COVID-19 Prevention for the Town of Superior Christmas Events

 COVID-19 Prevention for the Town of Superior Christmas Events

All of the Towns annual Christmas Toy Drives and Distributions will be held as drive through or parade events. The following plan will cover the Covid-19 mitigation strategies for these events.

Every person and organization holding an event-related permit (including parades and processions) from the Town of Superior must comply with State of Arizona guidelines and executive orders that are in effect at the time of the event. These Orders and Guidelines may change at any time with no prior notice. 

Changes in any orders may result in additional requirements to permittees and issued permits, and may result in event cancellation. The permitting agency will make reasonable efforts to provide notice to permittees of changes in orders or requirements. This document lays out the plan to assure adherence to the state’s orders and guidelines.

Parades and Processions are defined as a planned, organized, group of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion on public property with a designated start, route and end location in celebration of a special day or event.

The capacity number for the parade refers to the participants in the parade and does not include spectators. The number of participants in the parade in any one stop location should not exceed the maximum number of people allowed to gather at an outdoor event (currently 50) and physical distancing must be maintained. Any festival areas before or after the parade should follow all guidelines for outdoor events.

Parade and Procession Organizers will:

  • Train event staff on prevention and mitigation
  • Collect and maintain a list of staff, volunteers and contractors to support COVID-19 contact
  • Collect contact information for participants through RSVPs or sign-in sheets. Include times of arrival and departure, to help with potential exposure
  • Ensure 6 feet or more physical distancing between all staff, volunteers, contractors and participants:
    • Parade/procession staging areas must be carefully planned to allow each participant 6 ft of physical distance, except for those remaining in their vehicle.
    • All parade participants must wear masks in staging and finish areas of the
    • Participants should allow 6 ft spacing between
    • Reduce unnecessary interaction between parade participants and
    • Give reminders to staff, volunteers and contractors to observe at least 6 feet social distance before, during, and after the parade/procession.
  • Vehicles in parade can have no more passengers than the number of functioning
  • Consider shorter event duration times to reduce the need for staff, volunteers, contractors and participants to use restroom facilities, which can be a source of

Communication and Guest Education

  • Include the following reminders in staff trainings, community notifications and signage:
    • High risk populations should stay home
    • If you’re sick, please stay home and do not enter
    • Face coverings are required
    • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently
    • Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands
    • Cover coughs and sneezes
    • Maintain distance between yourself and
  • Identify and address potential language, cultural, and disability barriers associated with communicating COVID-19 information to staff, volunteers, contractors, participants and spectators. Information should be easily understood by

Participants and Spectators

  • Messaging must go out prior to the parade participants and spectators to they follow State and Town Public Health Orders, such as:
    • wearing a mask/face covering
    • maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 ft between individuals not in the same household
    • recommending that those who may be sick stay home
    • limiting spectators’ groups to no more than 8 individuals
    • encouraging spectators to stay home if sick or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or if they have been in close contact with a person suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19
  • Discourage spectators from mixing and mingling with others not in their household as much as possible.


  • If staff is available, Superior Police Department shall participate in the procession with a marked car.
  • The event participants and police officials shall attempt to educate members of the public concerning COVID-19 requirements, and provide free masks to anyone needing one.
  • Superior Police Department will use it’s discretion to take enforcement action if they deem it is necessary.


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