Request for Proposal of the Belmont Hotel


The Town of Superior (Town) is requesting sealed proposals from qualified firms or individuals to purchase the Belmont Hotel for the development of a business in the Town Center.  The Property is located on the south side of Main Street between Neary and Kellner Avenue.

The Town intends to enter into an agreement with the most responsive and most qualified organization that demonstrates knowledge, experience, organization and financial ability to implement progressive, innovative development in a timely manner that serves the best interests of the Town.  The proposed use for the building must be completed and open to the public within two years of the date of the. In the event the developer fails to have a completed, occupied and operational appropriate business function within two years of the date of the agreement, the Town at its sole discretion may (1) elect to have the property and its improvements revert back to the Town in their entirety or (2) work with the developer to modify these performance requirements.

The overnight delivery address is:

199 N. Lobb Ave.

Superior, Arizona 85173

Contact Person: Todd Pryor

Town Manager 

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(520) 689-5752

Town of Superior

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