The Town of Superior Announces Building Permit Changes


Building Permit Changes.

 We have hired a new Building Inspector, Manual Castillo, to handle our zoning clearances and civil permits. He will start in early September. As someone with code and customer service experience, as well as local knowledge, he will kick off a significant improvement in our permitting process. Welcome to the team, Manual!

Pinal County Building Safety has notified us that they would like all permit applications to be received at Superior Town Hall. Pinal County will still handle the plan reviews, inspections, and other permitting functions, and Superior Town Hall will only be the drop-off location for the handwritten applications. This will be more convenient for our residents, but it will require us to get the program set up and to get our staff trained.
The setup that allows town staff access to the Pinal County permitting software is not yet complete, so we do not have a timeline when this will take effect. For the time being, permits can still be submitted at Florence, and they can always be submitted online.

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